You Might Need More Than One ‘Notes’ App

It can be overwhelming to keep everything in one place, and that’s why having multiple note-taking apps can be beneficial.

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4 min readMar 29


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It’s important to note that not all note-taking apps are created equal. Some apps are better suited for certain tasks than others. It’s like having different tools in your toolbox for different jobs. When it comes to note-taking, it’s nice to have different spaces for different things.

Trying to do everything in one place can feel too cluttered and confusing. For instance, you might end up forgetting what you were meant to be doing and going down rabbit holes tweaking your dashboard. This is why it’s important to find the right app for each task.

After using Notion for some time and trying to keep everything in one place, I found that having specific apps for specific uses helped me to be more organised and productive. Here are some examples of the apps I use and what I use them for.

Apple Notes — Digital Scrapbook

Apple Notes is a built-in app on Apple devices that is great for capturing quick thoughts, creating to-do lists, and taking notes. However, it can also be used as a digital scrapbook. You can save any digital content from web pages to videos and podcasts, which is what I’m currently using it for. You can even watch embedded videos in Apple Notes, which is great for note-taking.

The app allows you to create folders, subfolders and tags to organise your notes, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. It also has a powerful search function, if you’re not into organising your notes.

Bear — Thinking Notes

Bear is my favourite app of them all and I explain why here. It’s a writing app that is great for taking notes, writing down ideas, and creating journal entries. It’s simple and distraction-free, making it a great tool for staying focused.



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